It seems like that it is everyone’s dream-being a Rock Star. But why?

Why is this the dream job and lifestyle that people state as the best, the utmost, the peak of success?
Why the job of Rock Star is so coveted:
• Millions of adoring fans cheer you on every step of the way.
• You live full out. (Your persona is YOU….and LOUD!)
• You actively shout out what you are passionate about!
• Fun and travel are a given. You dance and sing…for a living because you built your dream this way.
• Your life and work is an expression of your creativity and passion.
• You provide an exciting and lively way for people to connect with you and to have fun.
• Your message about who you are is strong and clear. People ‘get’ you.
• You are inspiring…and sexy.
• You are always focused on your message.
• You have a great band to support your message and you.
• You let others do the tasks that aren’t your strongest points. Like setting up the equipment and attending to the details.
You get the idea!

YOU could be doing this in your business and life. Why not? Well, at least until you get thrown out of a few hotel rooms. :/

Look at the list again and see that a change in your attitude and how you strut your stuff can add an infusion of electricity that Rock Stars have.

How can you bring a few of these ideas into practice?

When customers (or people in relationship with you-even your relationship with yourself) begin to feel this passion, creativity and focus from you…they will be drawn to you.

YOU will be their Rock Star! Or be your own Rock Star! For YOU!

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Thanks and keeping on ROCKIN’!