I’m certainly feeling the overwhelm and constant ups and downs of my emotions over the past few weeks with the change of ‘leadership’ in the United States.  There are holes breaking open in my spirit and heart.  Thankfully, moments later they fill up with all the love I DO see.  Only to be spilled out again with the next barrage of hate and greed.  This back and forth is exhausting.  Are you feeling it?

So, what to do, Dear Ones? 

I start with where I am and what I can control.  That starts with me and my home and loved ones.

I’m really feeling the need to anchor myself to my daily practices, my home, eating and cooking delicious and nourishing foods, beauty, inspiration, nurturing relationships, nature, and physical movement.  I need things I can turn to to fill myself back up. To create a strong world within. To build my courage and convictions so I’m to able stretch myself when the time comes.

You have to take care of yourself first.  You can’t keep up the good work or your BIG work, if you are in a puddle of despair and disorganization.

As Boss Ladies

[and Warrior Goddesses], we are and will be called to inspire and help others now more than ever.  Everyone’s work just got BIGGER.  And it is OH SO EXCITING! 

There is a call being sent out that we must answer with our hearts.  This call is to stand for how and what and who we are.  We are not the hate, fear, and divisiveness that is being vomited from some people.  WE ARE NOT THAT.  Let’s find ways to be, do, and create that shout this far and wide.  Worldwide, as is being done by so many right now.  The TRUTH is the truth and it is powerful.  More powerful than lies, hate, and greed.

So, what to DO?

Simple, do tiny actions daily that keep you strong, nurtured, and in your heart.  That move you closer to where, who, and what you want to create in your luscious life.  Only when you have this strong foundation of support can you stretch out and reach for more.

dream woman

Have you guys come across the concept of Hygge?  I see beautiful pictures on social media of cosy, warm, and snuggly bedrooms and homes.  Hygge (Hoo-ga) is the Danish art of creating a simple, cosy, life and environment.  Slowing down, enjoying friends, candles, warm socks, soft snuggly blankets, and warm beverages.  [see more ways I create lusciousness in my life HERE]  There is a intentional creation of this in their lives.  It is celebrating the everyday.  Celebrating life and connection and well-being by creating spaces that encourage this.

well-being bed cosy

Let’s create some of this simplicity, connection, nourishment, and well-being in our lives daily.

What are some simple steps or actions or practices that you can do daily?

When I start a new practice, even it if just a change of mindset, I like to create some intentional space for it to grow.  Like an altar, or a clean spot on the desk with a candle, photo, or an object that reminds me every time I see it of my new intention.  Think of your spot.  Dust it off.  Tidy the space up and then find some objects or just one object that is going to designate that space.  Kinda of like creating hygge.

magic is something you create

Next, think of the intention of that space…what do you want it to invoke?  What new practice? What new way of thinking?  What new inner space are you cultivating? AND how do you want it to feel in your body?  In your home?  In your job?  In your relationships?  In your daily service?

Take a minute and go over what your basic intention is and then see how it fits in or how you can make it fit in to all these other areas.

Now you have a space to be curious, explore, discover, and create.  An expanded space that is there just for you. 

This is a space where you can take steps each day into or toward what you want.  I call these tiny drops.  They can start BIG ripples.  They can expand out into ways and things you can’t even imagine right now.

What is a tiny drop you can do today that will help you feel or be closer to that which you desire to create?  One tiny task, step, action, or decision that makes you feel like you are moving toward that thing.  Do it.  Then sit back and be ready to receive the benefits.  Then tomorrow do another one.

step into your luscious life

I believe this is powerful.  I know that when you take intentional actions, no matter how small they, create something within and around you that moves you forward, builds courage, and manifesting muscles to continue to reach and stretch.

In a few weeks, on the next New Moon, February 26th I am launching a new program and Facebook group- “Tiny Drops that Start a Ripple”- for you to practice your tiny drops and share them with each other.  Group energy and the space to celebrate, share, and explore each others’ tiny drops is an awesome way to fuel your momentum and keep your intentions in mind.  And with all that is going on, we could really use a space like this.  It is a private space and you can share or not.

If you would like to share in this space and feel the love, feel the satisfaction of DOing, and growing your confidence, please join us HERE on Facebook.  Hope to see you there!  I’ll be doing live videos to inspire you and keep the drops flowing.

Blessings and light, di