My power lies in my passion.


I am working with the above affirmation this morning.  It feels amazing.  It draws forth the best parts of me.  I got this from my coach.  Borrowing it, using it, and rocking it.

My power lies in my passion.

powerful woman

It reminds me of who I am and also, where I want to go.

It also helps me help others.  Because that is my passion.  I love to share what I love.  I often tell stories of my delight at a new food

[keto-friendly ice creams], what my dog or cats are up to, or how I am learning and growing…for example; my favorite new podcast or book and what I loved about it.  Sharing our passions is what makes us-US.  We can all have the same experience, but we all experience differently.  You create the story you want to hold.

I want you lovelies to remember you have power.  In your passions, in your mind, in your body.  You are in charge.  How you experience things is up to you.  How you command your actions, your thoughts, your beliefs, your habits, your reality, even your body…is up to you.  If you don’t feel this now…that’s okay…try an experiment…try telling yourself a different story.

This will change your mindset which will change your reality. 

If trying experiments like this are your thing or if they make you curious–you should totally join my secret Facebook group.  It’s called ‘Tiny Drops to Start a Ripples’.  It’s a place where we share resources, practices, celebrations and challenges on the tiny little practices we work on each day to start big ripples in our lives.  I post a quest on there around once a week and we share our thoughts, what is working for us, and big a-ha’s that happen along the way.  I love the container of support, sharing, and community it creates.  I’d love for you to join us.drop-of-water-654762_640

It’s the little things that build BIG muscles to do BIG things.

And now, there is a bunch of very emotional and anxiety causing things going on in the world today.  I just want to say…my heart goes out to all who are feeling it and are in the middle of it.  Keep strong in your heart and know you have power.  Stay strong so you can help those in need and help us to continue to rise, renew, and rebuild. We are powerful.  We can use our passions to help others and ourselves.

Blessings and Light, Diana

[p.s. my bank account may get a little bit of a boost if you click and buy from the book link…thanks]