We as Boss Ladies, Mothers, Dreamers, Partners, Friends, Coworkers, Neighbors, Citizens, Creators, Lovers, Warriors, Mystics and Goddesses have a powerful magic available to us.  We all have it.  You, right now have the potential to practice this magic.  And you do have to practice.

Are you wondering what this magic is?

Here’s a definition of magic I LOVE:

The craft of creating change (or a change in consciousness) that is in alignment with you higher self.

It’s creating change, transformation, learning, growing and overcoming-what ever you want to call it.  It’s releasing habits and limiting ways of thinking that are holding you back.

How do you know what your Higher Self wants, desires or even knows?  You learn to listen and see the signs of synchronicity and blessing that are saying—“Yup, you’re going the right way.”  You ask to learn and know the next steps, the best choice, the truth that is within and ready to be brought into being.  You are always on the lookout for the signs, the feelings, the gentle nudges that are helping you create a path within and without so that you are living the desires of your Higher Self.

Why would I want to do that?

So that you grow and learn.  That is what we came here to do.  To create and do on this physical plane.  To overcome past weaknesses, hurts, fears, beliefs and to help others do their work too.

So, Boss Lady, are you using your magic to grow your business and your life?

Are you checking in with your Higher Self to see if you’re in step and making the leaps to grow and use all your potential?


Are you not?

Are you just trying to survive, to get the basics done, to not rock the boat?

How do you really want to be in your life?  Is the YOU part of your life a place where you rarely go?  Have you lost yourself in the role of boss, partner, mother and other?

What’s missing?  What parts of the picture are bogging you down?

Are you only working and not having a personal life that is luscious?

Is your work, your business or your job not allowing you to grow as a person?  Are you just growing a bank account or a new house or car?  Nothing wrong with that.  But is it a singular focus and at the expense of your spirit, health, relationships and heart.  Do you do your work with heart and meaning?

Did you know that it is pretty easy to get back in touch with that lovely space within that has easy access to your Higher Self?  I call that space –your inner drop.  It’s a place you can drop into within your being.  A place that allows you to tap in to your truth, your knowing, your potential, your essence.

How do you know when you’re in that space?

You feel whole, big, strong, anchored and grounded in your body.  You feel your passion. And most of all you know the way you want to go because of the truth you feel there.  You feel the juicy energy and want to go after it.

So, how to get there?  I’ll suggest 3 ways all involve listening to and activating your inner drop.

  1. Practice sitting and dropping into your belly. What?  Put your attention inside. In your belly.  Now just listen and feel and connect.  Sit in this space for 10 minutes a day to start.
  2. Practice automatic writing. Write questions. Listen and then receive the answers by writing them out without thinking, editing or questioning. See what comes up. Whoa!
  3. Practice activating and connecting with your chakras. Do mediations and exercises to activate them.  You’ll be more in your body and therefore more able to hear the messages from your spirit.  (I have a 21 day ReCharge chakra workbook)

I call this being embodied.  The connection, the merging of your body and spirit.  I know I was disconnected for a long time.  It made everything so much more chaotic.  Because you have no anchor, no reference for what is important and true.  No place to take refuge and regroup.

We need this place, especially as Boss Ladies.  We need to have a strong connection to our own inner drop.  All the decisions, strategies and potentials to consider become more clear when you have this connection and partner in your business and life.  You feel more stable when the crazy stuff comes up.  You are a better leader, creator and partner when you really know what is true for you or at least where to find it.

Since I have found this source with in, it is like a 360 degree turn around from the anxious, stressed and unhealthy boss I used to be.  And those are just the more physical outcomes.  The spiritual, mental and emotional are just as awesome.

Sounds too good to be true.

It’s not.  It’s possible.  It’s where you get all of YOU on board.  You’re whole, grounded, connected and living your passion and your purpose (or at least on your way).

It does take practice, attention and listening.  Easy things.  It’s living a life of intention.

Helping women get to this life is what I do.  I’d love to help you. 

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I use the synergy of spiritual coaching and energy healing techniques to clear out the stuck, dense and stagnant patterns in your body and in your life so that you can create the luscious life you’ve always dreamed of.  It’s a powerful combination!

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